My name is Lubica and I live in Bratislava, Slovakia. I work full time in private company administration. I have 3 adult children. My hobby is handicrafts, mainly crocheting, growing balcony flowers and gardening in my cottage house garden.

I started with crafts in my teenage. My idol in this respect was my grandmother. She was very clever and handy and full of ideas. I cannot say that I learnt with her, but I saw the nice things she did. I did my first „bigger“ project when I was 11. Grandma gave my cousin Annamaria and me a piece of cotton, pattern, needle, and thread. It was during the school holiday, and we were on the cottage house in Harmonia. We embroidered a cushion. My disappointment was quite big when I realized that it was sitting pads, that we worked on the whole holiday. Grandma embroidered 4 pieces of them, so finally we were proud, that also ours are among.

I have learnt how to knit, crochet, and sew, lately I tried decoupage, patchwork, and mosaic. It was „try and fail“ method; at that time there was no internet, just few not good quality books or magazines.

Crocheting is my favorite. I crochet mainly blankets, pillow covers, shawls, scarves.

Where I get time for my hobbies? I watch TV only with a hook or needle, everywhere I go I have a side project that fits to my small bag, and I think over the projects by commuting to work.

What inspires me?  Nature, people, architecture, local folk embroidery. I love gardens and flowers and unforgettable and never-ending combinations of their colors.