Do you like multicolor yarn? This is the solution how you can utilize it. The crochet pattern is very easy and suitable for beginners (If your stitches will not be exactly equal, the multicolor will hide it 😊 ) Depending on how large you want the blanket to be, you will need 900 – 1200 g multicolor yarn and 500 – 700 g of solid color and 4-5 mm hook – depending on yarn.

Please note that if you use wool, you will need more yarn than acrylic. I usually count for a normal sized blanket 130 x 180 cm 900 – 1000 g acrylic yarn and 1200 – 1500 g of wool yarn – depending on pattern, thickness of yarn, hook used and tension by crocheting.

My blanket:

Yarn: Multicolor:  600 g (socks wool 100 g = 420 m) 2 strands, unicolor: 500 g (2 strands of thin yarn with mohair effect)

The whole blanket is 70% wool, 20% polyamide and 5% acrylic

Hook: 5 mm

Dimensions: 130 x 180 cm

Skill level: patient beginner

Abbreviations US terms):

Sc – single crochet

Dc – double crochet

Ch – chain

Gauge: you may crochet a small piece of pattern on 17 stitches, measure it, and calculate your number of starting chains.

Body of the blanket

1st row (blue) cast on 202 chains (multiple of 4 +1), sc in second ch, sc across (201 sc)

2nd row: (blue): ch, (sc in first stitch, 3 ch, skip 3) repeat to the end, finish with sc, turn (Attention: the 3 ch need to be done loosely, if you crochet tight, you may crochet 4 ch instead of 3, unless you wish to have the blanket thicker and heavier.)

 3rd row: (multicolor): 3 ch (=1st dc), (3 dc into ch space, 1 ch) repeat until last 3ch space, 3 dc in ch space, dc in last stitch – do not turn, but put the current loop on safety pin, return to the beginning of the row, pick the blue yarn, 3 ch to bring the yarn to correct height and connect to the head of 1st stitch of multicolor row

4th row: (blue) repeat

the row 2. At the end of the row remove the safety pin and pick the stitch and change the yarn to multicolor in last part of sc, turn – continue with row 3

Repeat rows 3 and 4 as many times as you wish, finish the pattern with row 4

Last row (multicolor) 3 ch (=1st dc), (3 dc into, skip1) repeat until last 4 stitches, dc in last 4 stitches. (152 dc), cut the yarn


1st row (blue): upper and lower part of the blanket: crochet one sc in all stitches, side parts: I usually crochet the edge as following: 1 sc on side of sc, 2 sc on side of dc. I skip one sc in every 4th or 5th dc, so I do not have the side border loose or wavy. It depends on how tight you crochet. You may skip more stitches or none.

In edges crochet: sc, 2 ch, sc.

2nd row (multicolor): dc to every stitch, in edges crochet: 2dc, 2 ch, 2dc.

3rd row (blue): dc to back loop of every stitch, in edges crochet: 2dc, 2 ch, 2dc

4th row (blue): sc to every stitch, in edges crochet:1 sc, 2 ch, 1 sc.

Cut yarn and weave the ends.



Blue blanket not only for gentlemen