Crocheted scarf with ombre effect. 80 small squares are put together. Traditional approach of granny squares project gets a new flair thanks to an easy pattern and special ombre yarn.

Difficulty: medium


Yarn: 150 g off-white (Alize Angora gold 62 or 01 (20% angora wool, 80% acrylic), or Nako Angora Lux nr. 11499), 1 cake: Nako Angora Lux nr. 82363 (80% acrylic, 5% mohair, 15% angora wool, 150 g 810 m)

You also need: hook 3 mm, needle, scissors.

Size: 45 x 200 cm


Stitches used (US terminology)

Ch – chain

ss – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

edc – extended double crochet.

Cor: corner: (tr, ch4, tr) in one stitch

Cor1: (2dc, edc, ch 2, edc, 2 dc)

RS – right side

BL – back loop


There are 80 squares in the scarf. Before starting the cake yarn, put some yarn from the beginning of the cake aside for tassels. My squares are situated one after another as I made them, so yellow circles are gradually changed.


Square (make 80)

Inner circle with cake yarn:

Start with a magic ring or 4 ch closed to the circle.

1.r:  ch 2, 11 dc into a circle Finish with a ss to the first normal dc (12 dcs)

2.r: 2 ch (counts as dc), dc into the 1st stitch, 2 ds into each subsequent one. Finish with a ss to the first normal dc (24 dcs)

3.r.: 2 ch (counts as dc), dc into the 1st stitch (dc into the next stitch, 2dc into the next stitch) repeat until the end of the row to have 36 dc. Cut the yarn. Finish with an invisible join to the first normal dc, sew in the free ends.


Squaring the circle with off-white yarn:

4.r: There are 9 stitches on one side of the square, including 1 corner. The white yarn can be connected anywhere.

ch, (2 sc, ch, skip 1, dc, ch, skip 1, cor, ch, skip 1, dc, ch skip 1) x 4, finish in 2nd sc using a ss.

5.r: ch2, 4 dc, cor 1, (10 dc, cor1) x 4, 5 dc, cut the yarn, finish with an invisible connection to the 1st normal dc. (16 stitches on side). Sew in the ends.


Scarf completion

Connecting the squares (cake yarn)

Lay 4 x 20 squares flatly as you wish to have them in the scarf, crochet the squares lengthwise and crosswise. I crocheted them together with ss as follows: I took 2 squares back-to-back and crocheted a ss into both back loops (when you have the squares back-to-back, it is the 2nd loop of the front square and 1st loop of the back square).

Start in the corner: ss into the corner chain, 16 ss into dc stitches, ss in the corner chain, 2 ch (between 2 squares), pick up 2 following squares and repeat until the end of the row, last ss is in the corner chains, cut the thread and continue with next row of squares until all the squares are connected to 1 piece.


The edge (cake yarn)

Crochet sc to the BL except of the corner.

Start in the corner:

first corner: (ch1, sc, ch2, sc),

other 3 corners: (sc, 2 ch, sc),

In the square joints: dc to the middle of the joint.

All other stitches: sc to the back loop

If it is necessary to slightly correct the uneven edge, reduce the nr. of stitches or crochet another row according to the instructions here.

Finish the row with invisible join and sew in the protruding yarn.

Add tassels to the narrow parts of the scarf.

Your scarf is finished.