Crocheted wrap from a rainbow ball. The body of the wrap is crocheted with a pattern of double crochets and spaces. Lines with spaces and solid lines alternate. After the simple pattern comes a more complicated pattern of large fans. The wrap is finished with a row of picots.

Difficulty: advanced

Material: Rainbow ball (1 ball: Yarnart Flowers 250 g 1000 m – 50% cotton, 50% acrylic.

Hook no. 3

Dimensions: 90 x 180 cm


Ch -chain

Ss – slip stitch

Sc- single crochet

Dc – double crochet

2 dc in one stitch or space

3 dc into one stitch or space

Tr – tripple crochet

Magic ring, or 4ro connected in a circle

Petal: sc to ds, to ch space: dc, tr, dc

Picot – 3 ch, ss to the front 2 threads of the sc

COR: Corner: 2dc, 2 ch, 2 dc


We start the wrap in the middle of longest side with a magic ring or 4 ch closed in a circle.

Pattern 1 (solid lines and lines with spaces)

1.r: Ch2, dc, (ch2, 2 dc) x 3, ch2, ss o the first normal dc

2.r: ch3, 2dc into the ch space, 2 dc, COR into ch space, 2 dc, into the ch space: 2 dc, tr, turn (7 stitches n side)

In next rows make perforated rows and solid rows. 4 stitches are amended on every side (2 stitches in corner and 2 switches on side. Take care in perforated rows ch1 is also a stitch.

3.r: Into the first stitch: (ch3, dc), ch, (dc, ch, skip1) repeat until the middle, COR, (ch, skip 1, dc) repeat until the end, to the last stitch (= 3rd ch from last row): (ch, dc, tr), turn

4.r: Into the first stitch: (ch3, 2 dc), dc into dc and ch space, COR, dc into dc and ch space, to the last stitch: (2 dc, tr), turn

Repeat row 3 and 4 until you have 6×24+3 = 147 stitches on side or a x 24 + 3 stitches.

(If in every row 4 stitches are amended on side and 2nd row has 7 stitches, then after 37 rows we have:  35 rows x 4 amendments + 7 = 147 stitches)

Finish the Pattern 1 after 37 rows, last row will be solid.

If the nr. of stitches is not corresponding the above calculation, do not worry. Start the pattern after solid row in the middle of the shawl and crochet both sides from the middle space to the edge and then continue normally according to the scheme in rows.


Pattern 2 (fans with leaves)

Crochet according to the attached scheme. I’m not giving a description because it would be complicated.

Hibiscus chart

A few notes on crocheting the pattern:

Row with petals: crochet the petals as follows: /sc into dc, into the space: (dc, tr, dc)/ x 7 (7 petals) and crochet a sc into the last dc.

Last row: crochet picots in the tops of the leaves.

Sew in the ends.

The scarf is beautiful from both sides.