Crocheted cushion with a mosaic pattern. The cover square is crocheted diagonally from corner to corner. Stitches are added along both edges until the required diagonal length is obtained, then reduced until there are no stitches.  2 squares are crocheted together on 3 sides, leaving the fourth side free for buttons or a zipper.

General information about my version:

Size: for pillow 45 x 45 to 50 x 50 cm

Material: for 2 pillows: 250 g white, 250 g purple, 100 g beige yarn (Scheepjes Softfun, Yarnart Jeans, Alize Cotton gold), 10 buttons, beige thread, needle, needle with a large eye for sewing in the yarn rests.

Difficulty: medium

Stitches used: dc – double crochet, dsp – dc into the front loop 2 rows below, sc – single crochet, b – back loop, ss – slip stitch.

The pattern is freely available in English at here

The video is available at in 3 parts – part 1, part 2, part 3, extra notes


Binding the squares together and finishing. (How did I do)

1.step Crochet both parts together as following: Place both parts of the pillow back on back and join with ss to both back loops. Start joining approximately 4 cm before 1st corner, join, 1., 2. and 3. straight part and continue approx. 4 cm on last straight part. Do not cut the yarn.

2.step (buttonholes): continue in front part of the pillow as following: 5 sc, ch, skip 1, (7sc, ch, skip 1) x to the end. (If you do not have the same number of stitches, please count the holes according to your number of stitches.). Do not cut the yarn.

3.step (button underlay) Continue to crochet a solid underlay panel in the opening on the back side of the pillow. Crochet back and forth with sc until the panel measures approximately 4-5 cm. Cut the yarn.

4.step Sew the buttons with normal thread and needle, bind inside yarn ends 3+3 together, cut to 2 cm, sew in the rest of yarn ends. It is not necessary to block this kind of work; it lays very flat and will block itself on the pillow.

Violet-white duo