Crocheted triangular shawl. Very easy pattern is used for this shawl. Moss stitch (or seed stitch) consists of sc and chains. There are rows of extended double crochets and chains for making the wrap interesting. You just play with colours. You may use also rests of yarns from other projects.
Work begins in the middle part of the shawl.
Dimensions: 90 x 60 cm
Skill level: beginner
Material: 100 cotton, 50 g 125 m
Colours used: turquoise, denim blue, light green, green, hazelnut, dark brown, grey
Hook: 3,5 mm

Stitches used (US terms)
Ch – chain
Ss – slip stitch
Sc – single crochet
Eds – extended double crochet
CEN – center: sc, 2 ch, sc
CEN1 – eds, 2 ch, eds
CEN2: sc, P, sc
P – picot: 3 ch, ss to 2 front loops of the stitch below the picot.

Start with a magic ring or ch4 closed in circle.
1.r: 4 ch, 4 edc, 2 ch, 5 edc
2.r.: eds row: to the first stitch: (5 ch, eds), (ch, skip 1, eds, ch, skip 1, eds, CEN1, eds, ch, skip1, eds, ch skip 1, to the 4 th ch of previous row: eds, ch, eds, turn
3.r: sc row: ch, sc into first sc, ch,(sc in ch space, ch) repeat till middle of the work, CEN, ch, ( sc in ch space, ch,) repeat till pre last ch space, ch, sc o the last sc.
Repeat r.3 as many times as you wish. Crochet dc rows in between.

Las row: picot row: ch, sc in first stitch, (in the next ch space: sc, P, sc, in next ch space: sc) repeat to the centre, CEN2, continue on the other side mirrorlike to the first side.

Cut the thread at the end
Sew in the threads (I had many)
Wash and dry flatly.

Shawl Zuzana