Scarf is made from rainbow yarn (Yarnart Flowers) and black yarn (Yarnart flowers unicolor). The vivid colors of the rainbow yarn are jumping from the basic black yarn. Imagine this vivid scarf on a grey or black winter coat or jacket!

Skill level: beginner

Dimensions: 180 x 50 cm

Material: Yarnart Flowers (250 g 1000 m) 1 cake, Flowers unicolor (50 g = 200 m) 3 balls

Crochet hook: 3 mm


Stitches (US terminology)

Ch – chain

Sc – single crochet

Dc – double crochet

Tr – triple crochet



Base row is a row of big chains – start with rainbow yarn

1 ch, (4 ch, tr to the first of the 4 ch group) x 20, 1 ch

1.r.: (rainbow yarn) 4 ch, (4 dc into the chain, ch1) x 20, sc into the first ch. Of the base row

2.r: (black yarn) attach black yarn to the first stitch, (2 sc into the ch space, ch3) x 19, 2 sc into the last ch space, put the loop on the closing needle. Do not turn

3.r: (rainbow yarn) take the rainbow yarn at the beginning of the row, ss to the first stitch, ch 4, (4 dc into the ch space, ch1) x 20, dc into the last sc from previous row (remove the closing needle and incorporate the black loop to the last dc), leave the rainbow yarn by the side), turn,

4.r.: (black yarn): ch, (2 dc to the ch space, ch 3) x 19, 2 dc tp the ch space, put the loop on the closing needle, do not turn

Repeat rows 3 and 4 as may times as you wish. Finish with 3.r. turn

Last row: (rainbow yarn) – row of closing big chains: (sc, ch4) x 20, sc to the last ch space

Cut the yarn and sew in the threads.