Crochet blanket made of green and blue yarn residues. Amend the green-blue pile of yarn with a neutral pile, divide them into groups:

Group A: Bold and vibrant shades of green, blue, turquoise

Group B: dark shades of blue, brown, petrol and green

Group C: light shades of beige, light brown, dirty-white, grey-blue, grey-green, light blue, icy blue

Colour D: square joining – contrasting or bold colour from a greenish-blue palette

Total weight of the blanket: 1350 g

Material: 100% akrilik 100 g = cca 300 m

Blanket size: 142 x 196 cm

Square size: 18 x 18 cm

Nr. of squares: 7 x 10 = 70

Difficulty: Medium

Other material: hook 4 mm, scissors, needle

Square to the blanket has name “Kosice”

Stitches (US terminology)

Ch – chain

ss- slip stitch

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

bphdc – back post hdc

bpdc- back post dc

BL – back loop

sc2tog – 2 sc crochet together under 1 head

COR1 – sc, ch, sc

COR1A – beginning of the row: 3ch, sc

COR2 – hdc, 2 ch, hdc

COR2A – beginning of the row: ch, hdc, 2ch, hdc

COR3 – 2 dc, 2ch, 2 dc

COR3A – beginning of the row: 2ch, dc, 2ch,2dc

COR4 – 3dc, ch2, 3dc

COR4A – beginning of the row: 2ch, 2dc, 2ch, 3dc


Joining the squares

Place the squares flatly as you wish to have them in the blanket.

Sew or crochet them together in one direction and then in other direction.

I crocheted them together with ss to the BL. When I held 2 squares back-to back BLs are: 2nd loop on the square near to you, 1st loop of the farer square.

Ss to both corner chains, (27 ss to sc, ss to corner ch, ch2, ss to corner ch) repeat to join all squares in row, finish the row with ss to both corner chains. Do not twist the squares. Put a marker to first square.


When creating the edge, I had to reduce the number of stitches, because the edge rippled. Every square I reduced the number by 2. Please check the condition of your edge, if necessary, unwind and adjust the number of stitches according to the needs of your project. Attach new color of yarn to the corner with a ss, tighten the ss before starting the row.

1.r. (D) COR1, all sc are crochet through the BL, 8 sc, sc2tog, 8 sc, sc2tog, 7 sc, dc to 1st corner ch, dc to the join, dc to the 2nd corner chain the next square –  repeat to the end of the side, COR1 to the corner Repeat around the entire blanket, finish with a ss to the first dc, ss to the corner space, cut the thread. (my blanket has 284 x 197 stitches)

2.r. (C): COR3A, crochet dc in every stitch to the bl, COR3 into the corners,  finish with a ss to the first dc, ss to the corner space, cut the thread. (288/201)

3.r. (A): COR4A, skip 3 stitches, (3 dc to next stitch, skip 2 stitches) repeat to end of the side, COR4) x 3, skip 3 stitches, (3 dc to next stitch, skip 2 stitches) repeat to the end the side, finish with a ss to the first dc, ss to next dc, ss to the corner space

4.- 5.r. (A) as 3.r.

6.r. (C): as 2.r., but not in BL,  cut the thread

7.r: (B): COR2A, (bpdc to each ds from the previous row, COR2) x 3, bpdc to each ds from the previous row, finish the row with a ss to corner space.

8.r. (C): as 2.r., but crochet ds into both loops, cut the thread at the end.

9.r. (A): (COR1, skip 1, ch, (sc, skip 1, ch) repeat to end of side) x 4, finish with a ss to 1st corner space. Crochet looser, but not too loosely.

10.r. (A): as 9.r., but crochet sc into the free stitches of line 8 around the ch1 space of line 9. End the line with an invisible joint. The edge is firmed and highlighted with the last 2 lines. Sew the protruding threads. Your project is ready. If you liked the project and made your own blanket, I will be happy if you send me a photo from my blog – contacts. Thank you and enjoy crocheting.

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