Crochet blanket with blue stripes made by slip stitches. Variegated yarn is very suitable for this easy pattern. It is suitable for beginners – all the imperfections are hidden.

Dimensions: 130×180 cm

Skill level: beginner

Material: variegated yarn (Alize Burcum Batik) 1100g and 50 – 75 g blue yarn for the stripes.

Hook: 5 mm


dc – double crochet

ch – chaim

ss- slip stitch


Ch 154 + 3

1.r.: dc into 4th ch from hook, 9 dc, (ch 1, skip 1, 11 dc) till the end of the row, turn

2.r: ch3, 10 dc, (ch1, skip ch1 space, 11 dc) till end of the row, turn

3-5.r: repeat row 2

6.r: ch4, (skip1, dc) repeat till the end of row, turn

7.-11.r – as row 2

Repeat rows 6-11 as many times as you wish.

Blue stripes

Make blue stripes in some perforated rows – crochet from right side with ss.

Sew in the yarn ends. Finished.