Crocheted wrap Sunset is done in filet technique. As an inspiration I used a Slovak cross-stitch embroidery. I picked up some motives and worked them into a filet pattern. The wrap has extraordinary colours. I was not able to judge how the piece will look like after I saw the cake. After the piece was completed, I saw that the colours were brilliant, and the wrap is really an eye catcher.

Materials: Yarnart Flowers nr. 310, hook 3 mm

Difficulty: intermediate

Dimensions: 55×160 cm

Gauge: 18 dc x 10 rows = 10×10 cm


Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet


Crochet according to the chart.


I used the following filet pattern:

Solid mesh (solid block in the chart no colour) = 3 dc

Open mesh (open block in the chart brown colour) = 2 ch, skip 2, dc

1 repeat has 42 stitches

My wrap has 7 repeats.

Number of stating chains: (42 x 7) + 9 (to finish the pattern symmetrically) + 3 + 4 (side stitches) = 310 stitches. Please note that 1 cake of Flowers was exactly enough for the whole pattern. If you decide to do more repeats, consider if the yarn will be sufficient.