Blanket is knitted in one piece from thicker yarn. 3 shades of yarn are held together and form very nice effect. Main colors are brown, claret and blue. The blanket will be enjoyed by people who do not like vibrant colors and wild patterns.

Skill level: beginner
Dimensions: 160 x 120 cm

Yarn: in my case: 85/ acrylic, 9% polyamide, 6% wool: the following yarns are held together
– Brown stripe: brown dk yarn, brown very thin mohair yarn, blue-white-brown variegated socks yarn
– Blue stripe: petrol blue dk acrylic yarn, blue very thin mohair yarn, dark blue socks yarn
– Claret stripe: claret dk acrylic yarn, very thin claret mohair yarn, blue-white-brown variegated socks yarn
Additionally, you will need grey-blue yarn as 2 rows devider beween color stripes – 50 g
One color stripe is approx. 80 g of yarn. You will need
250 g blue dk yarn
250 g brown dk yarn,
200 g claret dk yarn,
100 g blue gray dk yarn (2 threads are used) – for devider
25 g each very thin mohair yarn blue, brown and claret
100 g dark blue sock yarn
200 g blue-white-brown variegated socks yarn

(the yarn consumption depends on your yarn  thickness, tension and your blanket dimensions)

Needles 6 mm, crochet hook 5 mm

E – Edge stitches
– at the beginning of rows: knit the first stitch from top
– At row end: pull the yarn in front of work, take last stitch from left to right needle from the top of the stitch
K – knit
P – purl
Sc (US terms) – single crochet


Squares in the pattern are 20 stitches x 24 rows
Cast on 82 stitches (2 edge stitches and 4 x 20 stitches for square pattern)
Stripe 1
Row 1 – 24: E, k20, p20, k20, p20, E
Row 26 (blue gray): E, k80, E
Row 27 (blue grey): E, p80, E
Stripe 2:
Row 28 – 52: E, p20. K20, p20, k20, E

Repeat the stripes and dividers as following
Brown stripe, divider, blue stripe, divider, claret stripe, divider, brown stripe, divider, blue stripe, divider, claret stripe, divider, brown stripe, divider, blue stripe
Sew in the threads.
Make a round of sc around the blanket with blue-grey yarn.

Blanket Dusk