Rainbow balls are an amazing invention. The slowly unfolding yarn brings changes by itself and the work goes quickly because you are waiting for the change to happen and you can’t wait to see how your product will look like.

Rainbow balls with changing colors can be different

They can be divided according to the type of processing

Rainbow ball of very thin threads twisted together (4-8 threads are connected and twisted). The more and thinner the threads, the smoother the transition from color to color. With 8 threads (e.g. Scheepjes Whirl) the transition between colors is almost imperceptible). Similar balls are also Yarnart Flowers, but here, when changing the color, the manufacturer does not leave a section of solid color, but only replaces the fiber of the outgoing color with the fiber of the incoming color, so the transitions are visible, which is to the detriment of the product, because it creates an unnecessary, distinct color border.

Rainbow ball of threads attached to each other without twisting them can be 3-thread, 4-thread, or multi-thread. Working with a rainbow ball with not twisted threads is sometimes more difficult, because individual threads can pull out during crocheting, especially if you don’t capture the entire thread, or catch the thread of an already crocheted part, and make unwanted loops. The work is then messy and doesn’t look good. So – you have to crochet exactly, and in the event that a thread gets caught and pulled out – unwind the affected part and crochet again. It requires some practice, so don’t be despaired, after a while you’ll get used to crocheting with this kind of yarn.

According to the number of threads, 3-thread, 4-thread, etc.

According to the composition, they can be a combination of cotton and acrylic, cotton, wool, linen.

According to the thickness, they are thin, medium thick and thick

Here are some examples:

Whirl rainbow balls from the Dutch manufacturer Scheepjes are twisted from several very thin threads.

The manufacturer also has single-colored yarns of the same composition and thickness – Whirlette – so if you only need few meters, it is possible to combine Whirl and Whirlette. An example of combinations is here

Rainbow balls from the Turkish manufacturer Yarnart – Flowers – are twisted four threads.

The manufacturer also has single-colored yarns of the same composition and thickness – Flowers Unicolor – so you cn combine. An example of combinations is here

Rainbow balls – cherubinka – from egalanteria are made of threads attached to each other (3-5 threads). There are so many beautiful colored balls available! They will also make a ball of your choice and single-colored yarns are also available.

Similar to cherubinka are kokonki from a Polish manufacturer.

Different types and different compositions of rainbow balls are also offered by the Bulgarian manufacturer Stenli, Turkisch – Alize, Czech –  Vlna HEP, Spanish Katia and others.

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