Crocheted baby blanket with pink circles. The circles are actually small flowers. Nice present for mum, dad and baby.                                                                                                                     .

Technique: crochet

Skill level: intermediate

Yarn: 100% acrylic 50 g cca 130 m, 200 g ombre pink (Burcum Bebe batik), 200 g white (Burcum Bebe), rest of thin  pink mohair yarn.

Dimensions:  80x80cm

You will need: hook  4,5 – 5 mm, tapestry needle, scissors

Stitches (US terms)

ch – chain

ss – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

tr – triple crochet

BL – back loop


Square 1 (make 13)

1.r.: ch1, 6 sc, join to 1 sc with a ss. (6 sc)

2.r.: (pink) 3 ch (, in the same stitch tr2tog (=initial cluster made), 3 ch, (tr3tog in next stitch (=cluster made), 3ch)x5, connect the row with ss to tr2tog. (Flower with 6 leaves)

3.r.: (pink) 2ch, 5 dc to Ch spaces, 1 dc to the flower leaf, connect the row with a ss to 1st dc. (36 dc),

4.r. (pink) 2ch, all ds are crocheted into back loop. Dc, (2dc in next stitch, 2dc) x 11, 2 dc in next stitch,  cut the yarn, join the row with invisible stitch, (48 stitches)

5.r: (white) Squaring the circle. We have 12 stitches for a side (incl. corner). Attach the white yarn (does not matter where) ch, 3sc, 2 hdc, 1 dc, 1 edc, corner (2tr, 2ch, 2 tr), (1edc, 1 dc, 2hdc, 3 sc, 2hdc, 1 dc, 1 edc, corner) x 3, 1 edc, 1 dc, 2 hdc, cut the yarn, (15 st. on side), cut the yarn,  connect the row via invisible join to 1st sc.

Sew in the threads.


Square 2 (make 12)

Start with a magic ring or with 4ch closed in a circle (pink)

1.r: 4ch (=tr+ch), (tr, ch)x11, join with a ss to the first space.

2.r.: 3ch, tr to the first ch space, 1ch, 2tr to every next ch space, 1ch as a divider of the tr groups. Join with a ss to the first tr, ss to the first ch space

3.r: 3ch, 2tr to the first ch space, 1ch, 3tr to every next ch space, 1ch as a divider of the tr groups. Cut the pink yarn and join with an invisible join to the first tr. (36 tr, 12 ch spaces)

4.r.: (white) Squaring the circle. Start in ch space. Initial corner (Ch4, 2tr, 3ch, 3tr), /3dc in next ch1 space x 2, corner (3tr, 3ch, 3tr)/x3, 3dc in next ch1 space x 2. Join with a ss to the first tr, ss to the first ch space (12 stitches on side)

5.r.: (white) All stitches incl. corner are made in the BL. /Corner (sc to the first corner ch, (sc, 2ch, sc) in the second ch, sc to the third ch), 12sc/ x 4

Cut the yarn and join with invisible join to the first tr. (16 sc on side)


Connecting the squares together (pink mohair)

Please note: The joining should be done very loosely. If you are not experienced or not confident in yourself in this, I would recommend you use normal yarn and not mohair. If you need to unstitch, it will be not possible by mohair yarn.

Lay the squares as you wish and sew or crochet them together in one direction and then in other direction.

I crocheted the squares together with sc as following: I held 2 squares together with right sides out. Sc-s were done through BLs (holding the squares together it is 2nd loop of square near to you and 1st loop of the farther square.

Sc to the corner chain, sc to every stitch of the square, sc to corner ch, 2ch in-between, take next 2 squares and repeat. The squares 1 and 2 have different number of stitches in the last row. Skip the first or last corner ch by the square 2.


Edge (pink mohair)

1.r: sc-s are crocheted to BL. Corner: sc, 2 ch, sc dc. Between squares: sc to all corner ch, hdc to the join. Join to the first corner space.

2.r: sc-s are crocheter to the spaces between stitches of previous row, corners (sc. 2ch, sc). Cut the yarn and finish with invisible join.

Sew in the threads on the WS.

Baby Blanket with Pink Flower Circles