A series of two crocheted blankets in the same color combination. I fell in love with these beautiful blankets made from leftover yarn. The process of creating them was already an experience, because I did not know how it would turn out, since I combined strange colors. Thin yarn was used in 2-3 threads. Both blankets are made in one piece, you just add squares for the She blanket and stripes for the He blanket

Blanket She

You can find the pattern for the She blanket on the Beautifilcrochetstuff website, where there are also diagrams and pictures of how to proceed by connecting the squares. The edge of my blanket is formed by 2 rows of double crochets.

Blanket size: 140 x 180 cm

Material: a total of 900 g of leftover yarn

Hook no. 4.5, needle for cleaning ends

Difficulty: medium


Blanket He

Blanket size: 140 x 180 cm

Material: leftover yarn, 900 g in total, thinner yarns are double.

Hook no. 4.5

Difficulty: beginner


Stitches used (US terminilogy):

Sc – single crochet

Ds – double crochet



Blanket is crocheted lengthwise in one piece.

First make a sample square of 15 ds in width and 5 ds in height, measure and calculate the required number of stitches in row.

The rows are crocheted in one direction from the right side, and at the beginning and at the end, when we connect and disconnect the yarn, we leave about 10 cm of the end, and we work it into tassels – so no sewing in the ends.

All stitches are crocheted to the back loop.

1 row: sc

2 row: dc

Rows 1 and 2, are repeated until desired width. Alternate colors as you wish and finish with row 1.

Make tassels in the direction of the stripes.

Blanket She and HE