This is very simple scarf. I chose pastel tones from pink to sky blue.

Material: rainbow ball (3 threads) 800 m

Hook:  3 mm

Difficulty: patient beginner

Size: 35 x 200 cm

Stitches (US terms):

Eds – extended double crochet

Sc – single crochet

ch – chain



Cast on very loosely 106 ch + 1 ch to turn

1st-2nd row 106 sc. At the end of 1st row 1 ch chain to turn

3rd row: turning ch, sc, (skip 2, sc) to the end of the row

4th row: 4ch (=first eds), 2 eds into the space, (ch, 2 eds into the space) repeat to the last space, eds into the last sc

5th row: turning ch, sc, 2 ch, skip 2, (sc into the space, 2ch, skip 2) repeat until the end of the row,sc to the last eds

Repeat the 4th and 5th row

The last 2 rows are rows of sc

Sew in the threads and complete the scarf with small tassels.


Blue-pink Scarf