Scarf and cap knitted from yarn with several shades in a ball.
The scarf has a wavy pattern.
Difficulty: beginner
Size: 28×200 cm
Material: yarn approx. 260 m/100 g, approx. 200 g
4.5 mm scarf needles, 5 pcs circular knitting needles – 3.5 mm and 4 mm
Stitches used:
K – knit
P – purl
K2tog – knit 2 tog
Casting on – the right needle is passed from top to bottom over the yarn when casting.
– Edge stitch at the beginning of the row: we knit from top for the back thread
– Edge stitch at the end of the row: put the thread forward and cast off the stitch without knitting

Cast on 70 stitches, knit back and forth, turn the work at the end of each row. At the beginning and at the end, knit an edge stitch. The edge stich is not part of the pattern, so I am not including it in the pattern.
Opening rows – the edge of the scarf:
1st-5th row: k
6th row: p
Pattern: on 4 x 17 stitches
7th row: (3 x k2tog, 5x (cast on, k), cast on, 3x k2tog) x 4
8-9th row: k
10th row: p
Repeat rows 7-10 to the desired length.
Finish the pattern in row 5.
Finishing rows – the edge of the scarf
1.-3. row – k
Cast off


With hook 3.5 mm crochet a chain with 80 stitches. With 4 needles 3 mm pick up 20 stitches on each needle from the crocheted chain and knit in a circle as following:
We knit (k 2, p 2) x 20 in a circle to a height of approx. 5 cm (I have 11 rows)
Body – knit on needles 3.5 mm.
1st row: k – in each purl section of the patent pick up 1 stitch and knit it crossed so that you do not have holes. 20 stitches added.
7 rows k
(7 rows p, 7 rows k) x 3, 7 rows p (body is approx. 20 cm)
Stitch decreasing
In this part, we only knit.
1st row: k 15 , k2tog, k 15, k2tog, k 14, k2tog, k 15, k2tog, k 15, k2tog, k 14, k2tog
2nd row: k 14 , k2tog, k 14, k2tog, k 13, k2tog, k 14, k2tog, k 14, k2tog, k 13, k2tog
3rd – 15th row: continue to reduce the nr. of stitches
Cut the yarn and pass it through the remaining stitches, sew it in inside the cap.

Crochet for Christmas 2023 – Alexa