Crocheted scarf that gradually changes colors.

The pattern seems complicated at first glance, but it is actually very simple.

Material: thin yarn with color transitions, e.g.: Alize Angora gold batik – approx. 150 g, single-color yarn of a similar composition, e.g., Alize Angora gold. – approx. 150 g, hook 3 to 3.5 mm, or 2 yarns with color transitions.

The pattern is described in this publicly available video.

Difficulty: beginner

Stitches: (US terms)

Ds – double crochet (in the video there are half dc used, I used dc – but even with dc the scarf is beautiful.)

Ch  – chain

The pattern is crocheted in rows, at the end of the row the work is turned.

The number of stitches (dc) is divisible by 9 minus 1. I have (8 x 9) – 1 = 71 dc, i.m. I cast on a chain of 73 stitches.

At the beginning of the row, I make 3 ch = 1. dc

Crochet 9 dc in color A and 9 dc in color B. Hold the yarn not in use down and hide it in the dc-s made with the current yarn. If at the end of the row there are e.g., 4 dc in color A, in the next row complete the nine with five dc in color A.

Crochet 9 dc in color A, 9 dc in color B, 9 dc in color A……. independently of the row.

A regular pattern will be created by itself.